Challenges Faced By Students With Learning Disabilities Essay

Challenges Faced By Students With Learning Disabilities Essay

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There are many challenges that teachers encounter when teaching children with learning disabilities, learners that are English language learners, or learners who are culturally and linguistically diverse. As a nation we are faced with the challenged that our schools are becoming more diverse. The majority of our schoolteachers are still predominately white females, but our student population is slowly changing. We are seeing more minority groups in our schools that are facing different challenges. The scary part of it all is that our teachers do not have the skills to accommodate those differences. “The nation’s changing school demographics are creating a demand for new teaching skills” (Utley, Obiakor, & Bakken 2011, pg. 5). Our student population is changing and will continue to change so their needs are more demanding and we need teachers who are qualified to teach student with learning disabilities and those that are culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD).
Differentiation of instruction (DI) is fundamental in creating culturally responsive teaching (CRT) for CLD learners that are English language learners or have special needs. This type of practice creates an inclusive environment so that all learners can access the curriculum. Santamaria states that, “The best teaching practices are those that consider all learners in a classroom setting and pay close attention to differences inherent to academic, cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic diversity” (2009, pg. 215). In order to teach a group of diverse learners we need to consider all aspects of them. Both Utley and Santamaria have a different approach to differentiation of instruction and both define culturally responsive teaching differently.
Utley et al., (2011) expl...

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...o only speaks Spanish and she is allowed to write all her work in Spanish and when I share it out loud to the class I first read it in Spanish, then I translate it in English.
Also, most of my students come from a low socioeconomic background and their first language was Spanish. In our classroom we use a word wall to put up words that are foreign to our students. The students are usually excited to add words and then we model how we can try and figure out its meaning. We tend to pull out the root and base words and use context clues in our reading to try and come up with a definition. Since I come from the same cultural background I am able to relate to my students more. I feel like I have developed a good relationship with the students and the parents and we also implement a variety of teaching methods like hands on activities, writing, coloring, labs, and games.

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