Challenges Faced By Global Inequality Essay

Challenges Faced By Global Inequality Essay

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Global inequality has been rising significantly around world. Some countries achieved rapid growth, while some others did not. Not only across the countries, inequality is also exist among groups in the economy. Even, the world biggest economies included in G20 are now the home of half of the world’s poor people (G20 2014). Many economist debates about the underlying drivers and solutions. The deterioration effect of globalization, technological change, and even intergenerational process has been pointed as the causes of inequality. This paper will discuss the improvement on access to education to reduce global inequality caused by the skill gaps of labours.
The paper will be organized into three sections: (1) rationalization of G20 action to address inequality, (2) proposing the action to address income equality inequality through, and (3) the challenge of improving education.

G20 and Global Inequality
The G20 group is not immune to inequality. For example, inequality has been rising among the G20’s developing countries, i.e. in Indonesia and China (ILO 2006). Meanwhile, the top one-percent people in G20 increased 36 percent of their wealth or worth $ 6.2 trillion out of of $ 17 trillion in total between 2013 and 2014 (Oxfam 2014).
The moral concern about the G20 action plans in reducing global inequality is because the continuously growing gaps of income could make poor people trapped in vicious cycle. Severe inequality prevents millions of poor people out of poverty (Oxfam 2014). In addition, the lack ability to survive in the event of economy shock or disaster might threat their life. A latest example is the Ebola crises occurred in West Africa. Poverty prevent them to stop the spreading desease, resulting more than 16,000 ...

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...eed to do a comprehensive assessment to choose the best option that have the greater impact on reducing inequality.
However, it must be admitted that even the successful creation of skilled worker through opening education access for all population cannot prevent some people for being the bottom distribution of income. By reducing the gap of income across countries in the world might help the countries which formerly poor and unable to give protection to the poor, becoming able to do it due to the raise of income. Following the strategy, the national income redistribution system through tax and transfer should be built to protect the lowest earner in the countries for being trapped in the poverty. The aim is to make sure every citizen can have access to basic and necessary tertiary needs such as education and health, particularly for the bottom group of the economy.

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