Challenges Faced By Chinese International Students Essay

Challenges Faced By Chinese International Students Essay

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Over past decade, multiple studies have been conducted examining the adaptive challenges faced by Chinese international students beginning post-secondary education in the United States and United Kingdom. (Turner 2006, Wang and Byram 2011, Yan and Berliner 2009) Each study revealed that international students from China encountered many difficulties integrating into an unfamiliar academic framework. Although common problems involving self-directed learning, in-class participation and critical thinking were reported and linked to key characteristics of the Chinese education system, Chinese education reform is never suggested as a potential solution for this issue. Since the 1990s, several government policies, collectively referred to as Quality Education, planned to reform the Chinese education system with more modern, western teaching methodologies. (Dello-Iacovo 242) However, curriculum reform in China is currently a controversial topic, as strong support of an examination-oriented education system causes Quality Education to face “widespread resistance in practice.” (Dello-Iacovo 248)
I will attempt to determine if Quality Education reforms are an appropriate measure that can be used to prepare Chinese international students for study in a western university. Using proposed Quality Education reforms as a model, the anticipated consequences of education reform on international students will be analyzed in isolation and evaluated with the overall societal impact of reform on other stakeholders, such as educators, parents and other students. The potential costs experienced by other groups will be directly assessed to conclude if the current reform process, primarily geared towards Chinese international students, is acceptable, or r...

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...y of alternative strategies, such as international schooling, were not considered in this paper. Although the unpreparedness of Chinese international students is often linked to specific aspects of contemporary Chinese education, limited research exists examining the steps western universities have taken to help Chinese international students with the adjustment process. Further research should be conducted investigating the student orientation process in western universities, and the impact it has on Chinese international students studying abroad for the first time. Since this topic concerns such a large number of stakeholders, future research is critical, as it encourages greater inquiry for two topics directly affecting these individuals – the extent Chinese international students are prepared for western education and the suitability of Chinese education reform.

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