Challenges Encountered By Mechanical Engineers Essay

Challenges Encountered By Mechanical Engineers Essay

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Challenges encountered by Mechanical Engineers in the 21st Century
My major is Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering is a field in engineering which deals with the design, development, building and testing of both simple and complex machines and engines, some of which include generators, combustion engines, steam engines and so on. They are professionals who apply the knowledge of math and science to produce useful solutions for the benefit of all. This field is one of the most versatile engineering fields, such that there are numerous areas one can specialize in like “manufacturing or agricultural production, maintenance or technical sales; many become administrators or managers”(sloan career cornerstone centre). It cuts across almost all other fields of engineering as they design and construct systems and devices used by all other engineers. It takes about four to five years of college to get a mechanical engineering degree. Mechanical engineers have created all sorts of machines and devices which are being used in our society today, and have benefitted us a whole lot. For example, the design and construction of a refrigerator which is used in the present day to preserve food stuff and keep our drinks cold, the design of elevators and escalators which make it easier and faster for us to get to higher floors of a building, the invention of generators as an alternative source of electricity generation and so on. Although many of these inventions are as a result of the ingenuity of mechanical engineers, there are still some challenges in this field. This paper will examine a few of the challenges in the field of mechanical engineering.
One of these problems is engineering of new and improved tools...

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...loves and safety shoes. If the any employee get injury that means wastage on the factory because they compelled to pay for his treatment, and it considers loss one of their employees. A good engineer is who follow the instructors perfectly without any mistakes.
In conclusion, Mechanical Engineers have to brace themselves and prepare for the challenges that await their field of study in even subsequent centuries. So far, various mechanical technologies have been designed to aid the advancement of research and other purposes. Mechanical engineers have to engineer the tools for scientific discovery, systems that would promotes more access to water, devise renewable energy tools, and improve urban infrastructure to make quality of life better. At the end the most important thing that must the engineers takes as significant rule is the safety is first!

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