The Challenges And Stresses Of Nursing School Essay

The Challenges And Stresses Of Nursing School Essay

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The Challenges and Stresses of Nursing School
There are many perks to being in nursing school and eventually passing the NCLEX and becoming a registered nurse. However, there are many stresses and challenges that these future nurses have to face, even more stress than an average student or person. According to recent studies from Beck (1997) stress levels of nursing students are at higher levels than those of other professions such as that of medicine, social work, and even students in pharmacy school. Another study produced by Pryjmachuk (2004) also showed that majority of student’s in nursing school are more susceptible to mental health problems, including depression and anxiety, due to the excess level of stress that these students experience. The culprits to these stresses are the countless exams, the demand to achieve a high academic grade, the endless hours of studying, trying to balance school while also working because of the high tuition cost, balancing school and family, and not to mention meeting one’s own personal needs. There are, however, ways to help reduce the impact that stress can have on one’s life while in nursing school.
Eliminating Stress
It is important to remember that because of the high levels of stress that nursing students face, they are more prone to getting sick, and/or developing anxiety or depression. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle nursing students can help reduce their chances of becoming susceptible to illness. One can maintain a healthy lifestyle simply by taking control of their own personal health, remembering to eat well-balanced meals, getting an adequate number of hours of sleep, exercising, and staying hydrated. According to Elizabeth Scala (2014) maintaining a healthy lifestyle not ...

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...thoughts and keep a stable sense of mind when I am starting to feel like the stress is taking over. It’s a common understanding that exercise releases endorphins into the brain which act like a natural painkiller. Once these chemicals are released, it makes the ability to sleep much easier, which in turn, can reduce stress. Now for me, I know the science behind running and the endorphins that the activity can produce, however, running does more than stimulate a brain response. Running clears my mind, it’s just me, the road, and the nature that surrounds me; all my stress can be taken away by going for a run, and then I am able to refocus and regroup. This is how and why I am going to make it through this BSN program. I feel mentally prepared for the quarters ahead of me, and if I ever get any doubt along the way, or overly stressed, I will know how to cope.

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