Challenges Affecting International Students in Australia Essays

Challenges Affecting International Students in Australia Essays

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Challenges affecting international students in Australia

1.0 Challenges facing international students in Australia
1.1 Introduction
The need for higher education has prompted many students to seek further studies in international colleges outside their countries and Australia has become an academic hub for international students who mostly come from developing nations in Asia and Africa. The students, once they secure a place in this schools, they are subjected to a new environment which comes with different challenges. International students in Australia have become an integral part of the society both social and economical. However the students face a myriad of challenges before fully adopting to the new learning culture. In this report, the focus is centered in the analysis of challenges facing the international students in Australia and strategies the institutions and students have resolved to use to address the problems. The case reviews the social as well as economic factors which affect these students in the processes of their academic pursuits.
1.2 Social Issues
1.2.1 Language Barrier:
There are several social issues that affect the international students in Australia. The major social issue is basically language barrier. According to Sawir (2005), prior research indicates that many international students from Asia, studying in Australia, face serious learning difficulties and lack confidence in speaking and taking a proactive role in classrooms and surrounding environment. Language barrier creates communication barriers between the lecturers and some students especially from Asian countries and can lead to dismal academic performance while at the same time separating themselves from mainstream society. The...

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...on to the students about the university and its environment, before enrolment. Offering part-time job placement and coordinating with surrounding firms to assist the students can be of great help to the society.

3.0 References
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