Essay on Challenge to Implement Organizational Change

Essay on Challenge to Implement Organizational Change

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Organizational change is one of the most difficult strategies to implement. Organizational change is in view to organization broad change, as opposed to smaller changes such as adding a new person or adapting a new program. An example of organizational change might include a change in operation, restructuring operations, teams, layoffs, new technologies, collaborations, rightsizing, or even new programs Some specialists submit to organizational alterations. Frequently this phrase authorizes an essential and thorough reorientation in the way the organization operates. According to the textbook organizational change is “introducing a new enterprise resource planning system in order to coordinate and standardize internal processes is an organizational change” (Spector B). Successful change must involve top management, including the board and chief executive. To sustain change, the structures of the organization itself should be modified, including strategic plans, policies and procedures. Throughout this paper, many components will be discussed about the changes made within the Ford Motor organization.
Organizational Change in Ford Motor
“Ford Motor Company is a global automaker that has been around for many years” (Wikipedia). Within the past several years Ford has gone through widespread changes to help the company in this time of the United States economic problems. “Some of these changes attempts have been to down-size or layoff the workforce, to focus on the Ford Brand and cut back on other brands under their agency, employee involvement at all levels, and to increase the efficiency in Ford’s four main pillars for their organization: fuel efficiency, quality, safety and value...

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...r human actions. At the same time they must also consider the benefits of what the change might do for the overall organization against what the change might do to those affected by it. Organizational development represents the single most important factor when thinking about the ability of any changes that may have been put in place during the process. Organizational change is the most important tool to increase and manifest an organization and its culture. It is the function of the organization that maintains how the organization performs, holds change, manages customer center, creates new value and put together new team members.

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