The Challenge of Developing Successful Leaders Essay

The Challenge of Developing Successful Leaders Essay

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Obtaining and developing effective leaders in an organization remains an ever-present concern for the success of the organization, and it is inevitable that current leaders will retire, become promoted, or potentially make a decision to accept a position at another company. Many organizations fail to cultivate the human resources that they already have because; they are unaware of their employees’ potential, they have not implemented a program for mentoring and development, or they may not have the funds to invest in training and development to further their employees’ capabilities. The Society for Human Resources relates that “developing the next generation of corporate leaders” is one of the major concerns of the majority of human resource executives (“Future HR Challenges,” 2012). Companies need to invest in training and development in order to reap the benefits and harness the potential from their current pool of employees. Continuing education does not only need to be technical in nature, but as Meghan Biro, contributor to Forbes, relates, “emotional intelligence” needs to be cultivated to be able to communicate effectively with all employees, improve positive workplace postures, and for management to understand their own limitations (Biro, 2012). Developing and maintaining effective leaders can be a challenge, but without cultivating new and exemplary leaders, some companies are neglecting one of the greatest assets they have available to them.
The Main Purpose
The Sophistication of human resources: the learning leader’s challenge by Annie McKee and Stanton Wortham explains that talented human resource (HR) leaders will soon be leaving the workforce and their needs to be a focused effort to maintain and e...

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...ptitudes into their training will only enhance the development of effective and outstanding leaders that can assist the organization to realize the next level of success.

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