The Challenge of Being in Love Essay

The Challenge of Being in Love Essay

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“Falling in love is easy; staying in love is a challenge.” This quote, by an unknown author, is a huge part of life. Many people just want to fall in love with someone and spend the rest of their life with them. This is so much easier said than done. It’s universal to think that someone’s closest family and friends will always have their back; in reality, the biggest challenge of staying in love is overcoming what others around you believe. This idea is prominent in the classic play Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, where Juliet is part of the Capulet family and Romeo is part of the rival family, the Montagues, as well as in the heartfelt musical West Side Story directed by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise, with Maria a part of the Puerto Rican gang called Sharks and Tony, her love, is with the Italian gang the Jets. In both works of fiction there is a big division between two groups of people. Even though the groups may be different, both performances provide an example of how the divisions can tear apart relationships.
The first performance that exemplifies how tensions can tear apart relationships is Romeo and Juliet. The best place to start is when Romeo climbs over the palace wall to stand in the backyard of Juliet’s room, speaking to her about his newfound love for her. Soon after beginning the conversation, Juliet proclaims, “And the place death, considering what thou art, if any kinsmen find thee here,” (Shakespeare Act 2 Scene 2 Lines 64-65). In simpler terms, Juliet is telling Romeo that if any of her relatives see him there, they will kill him solely based on the fact that he is Montague. Her family doesn’t seem to care about her feelings towards Romeo; who he is on the outside and what they see at first glance are the on...

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...relationships will continue to be destroyed.
It’s easy to fall in love with someone, but the difficult task is staying in love. Many times, the thing that stands between two people is their own people. In Romeo and Juliet, their families’ feud keeps them apart and in West Side Story the racial differences pull at Maria and Tony. Many people want to believe that family and friends will always be there, but these two performances exploit this belief as the family and friends of the lovers are the ones to tear them apart simply because they are afraid. Tensions will modernize and change as society does, and they will continue to pull people apart. People have to begin to decide whether they are too scared to go against everyone around them and what they have done their whole life or if they are brave enough to step out and stay in love with someone different than them.

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