The Challenge of Balancing Work and Family Life Essay

The Challenge of Balancing Work and Family Life Essay

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There have always been various problems on how employees balance family life and work life. This is a problem that many employees from different organizations face. The challenge here is that they are not able to balance both lives. This in most cases leads to neglect of one life and giving too much attention to the other. This has been a major problem to many employees. They have always complained of how difficult it can be when a person tries to balance both lives (Philipsen & Bostic, 2010). This has been a big issue that should be tackled with a lot of concern. There has always been a need for people to be able to live comfortably with their families and to have a good working life in the work area. People should be taught on how to balance family life and work and to be able to give equal attention to both lives. This can be made possible by training and enlightening people on how these two can be achieved. There is need for all employees to learn how they ensure that they give equal attention to their family life and work life.
Conceptual Framework
There have been various questions that have been asked concerning how people can balance their family lives and work life. Some researchers decided to do a research which showed that many people are not able to balance their family and work life. This is because they do not know how to do it (Fine-Davis, 2005). There is always too much pressure on one side of their life which leads to some of them ignoring one part of it. The other part gets too much attention. This then leads to an imbalance in the family life and work life. This has been the main problem that many employees are facing. They have to do it because when one side is neglected, it becomes relay difficult to make up f...

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...ees are expected to appreciate the work of the experts and should show enthusiasm when facing such a challenge. From the research it is evident that this is a challenge that many people face (Gambles, Lewis, & Rapoport, 2006). All employees who are facing this type of a challenge should ensure that they balance their lives. If it is difficult to do so, they should seek help from specialists who will help them solve their problems. This is a problem that many people have faced. If a person is faced with it, they should not feel that they have a problem. They should be aware that many people have been through the same situations and they were able to balance both lives. It can be possible if a person is willing and has created interest to balance both lives. This is because it is a culture and an ethical recommendation for a person to be able to balance both lives.

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