Cervical Cancer Is The Second Most Common Type Of Cancer Essay

Cervical Cancer Is The Second Most Common Type Of Cancer Essay

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Cervical Cancer Screaming
Cervical cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed type of cancer and the third leading cause of cancer-associated death in women. Mayo Clinic, various strains of human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease play a big role in causing most cervical cancers (Mayo clinic Staff, 2016). When exposed to HPV most woman’s immune system typically prevents the virus from doing harm. However in a small group of women, however, the virus survives for years, contributing to the process that causes some cells on the cervix to become cancer cells. (Mayo clinic Staff, 2016).
The national cervical cancer coalition states most cervical cancers (80 to 90 percent) are squamous cell cancers. Adenocarcinoma is the second most common type of cervical cancer, accounting for the remaining 10 to 20 percent of cases. Adenocarcinoma develops from the glands that produce mucus in the endocervix. While less common than squamous cell carcinoma, the incidence of adenocarcinoma is on the rise, particularly in younger women (National Cervical Cancer Collisions [NCCC], 2016). Also the NCCC states that some of the deaths associated with cervical cancer are 100% preventable, if the appropriate screening had been done. Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer mortality among women in developing countries (Ordikhani et al., 2016, p. 1)
Cervical cancer screening is done by a pap smear that can detect abnormal cells on the cervix. All women over the age of thirty are screened for HPV-DNA test involves testing cells collected from the cervix for infection with any of the types of HPV that are most likely to lead to cervical cancer. This test may be an option for women age 30 and older, or for younger women wi...

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No one is prepared to hear the news they have cancer no matter where it is in the body. As an advanced practice nurse it is always best to educate your patient as much as possible about treatment options and also support groups. Encourage your patient to have a support system from close family or friends to help through the tough times of receiving chemo or radiation therapy.
Always educate your female patients about the benefits of screening early for cervical cancer. Explain that early detection can lead to better outcomes and successful cure rates. Encourage Parents of young teens to get their children vaccinated against HPV both boys and girls can receive this vaccine. Educate young teens about practicing safe sex, the longer you wait to have sex can reduce your risk for cervical cancer, and always if your patient smokes encourage them to stop.

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