Cervical Cancer in Caucasian Women Ages 25-35 Essay

Cervical Cancer in Caucasian Women Ages 25-35 Essay

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Cervical cancer is one cancer which can be prevented in our world today. Women need to know what causes cervical cancer along with the signs and symptoms to look for. The Pap smear screening is the test which can find cervical cancer. It is a cancer to which age does not really matter. Most women are in the menopausal phase of life when this cancer occurs. This cancer does not care about age because it does affect younger women. “Cervical Cancer is the third most common cancer in women worldwide” (Adegoke, Kulasingam &Virnig, 2012).
There are several aspects of cervical cancer that females need information about. First they need to know the risk factors and what kinds of cervical cancer there are. They also need to know the screenings they should be getting and the treatments that are available when positive screening is diagnosed. Some of the risk factors are an abnormal Pap, HPV infection, cigarette smoking, low SES, obesity, long term use of oral contraceptive and becoming sexually active at an early age. An abnormal Pap is one of the first signs that a woman has something wrong. Women need to make sure that they go to their gynecologist. HPV strains which cause cervical cancer can be 16, 18, 31, and 45. The strains can come from having unprotected sex or being a young person having sex with more than one person. “Early cervical cancer rarely produce any symptoms. If symptoms are present, they may go unnoticed as thin watery vaginal discharge often noticed after intercourse or douching. When symptoms such as discharge, irregular bleeding, or pain or bleeding after sexual intercourse occur, the disease may be advanced. Advanced disease should not occur if all women have access to gynecologic care and avail themselves of it. In...

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... Wilkins.

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