Essay on Certifications for Personal Trainers

Essay on Certifications for Personal Trainers

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Amanda Russell, a fitness lifestyle expert and host of AR fit says, "Fitness is about so much more than exercise. It's a catalyst for positive change, and it affects every aspect of your life," . When thinking about becoming a Personal Trainer, remember exercise isn’t the only way for clients to have a healthier lifestyle change for the better. Personal Trainers have the ability to expand their horizons and knowledge to further guide their clients to success of reaching their goals through many CPT certifying bodies. Whether it be a specialty with working with cancer patients, teaching about the effects of a sound diet along with their exercise plans, or a more fun way to exercise to make working out effective and enjoyable.
ACSM is one of the most common certifying bodies of becoming a personal trainer. You can expand your knowledge and become a Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer. The goals of a CET is to have a basic understanding of cancer treatments, diagnoses, symptoms, and possible side effects of the treatments they go through during that time. Knowing these can help you design and administer fitness assessments and an exercise program specific to the client’s diagnosis, treatment, and their current recovery status.
To obtain a certification as a CET, you need to meet requirements. The requirements include an ACSM/NCCA Health Fitness related certification, Bachelors Degree with 500 hours of experience training older individuals with chronic conditions or just have 10,000 hours, and lastly, adult CPR/AED certified with hands-on. To take the exam for CET certification, it costs $150 if you are ACSM certified professional, $195 for Non-ACSM certified professional, and $125 for re-test. The score for the exam is b...

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