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Parallon’s roots are in the hallways of some of America’s top performing hospitals and our commitment is to bring the expertise we have gained as operators to help patients drive their results. Parallon is dedicated to helping hospitals and health systems operate knowledgeably, intelligently, effectively and efficiently in the rapidly evolving healthcare marketplace, today and in the future. Parallon 's purpose is simple. Parallon is committed to supporting healthcare providers improve the health and well-being of their communities. Through its business units, Parallon Business Solutions will provide revenue cycle and other business processes, workforce management solutions, supply chain services and the purchasing power of HealthTrust Purchasing Group.
The CEO of Parallon Business Solution is Shaunelle Bynum. Her experience leading technology transformations across a range of providers, platforms and systems is integral to our success and will enable us to offer even greater expertise to further meet the needs of our clients. Parallon will offer a deeper service portfolio across the entire continuum of care including administrative, financial, clinical and patient care systems. Parallon is dedicated to bringing deep and evolving industry knowledge, a long track record of operational excellence and a broad portfolio of services to all partnerships in order to help clients thrive in the communities they serve. We use the most comprehensive clinical and financial benchmarking data and best practices from the nation’s top-performing hospitals to optimize your workforce performance.
Our program simplifies management of your contract and flexible workforce, providing the information and efficiencies you need to improve performance. W...

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...loyees do not get feedback from leadership. In meetings that the CEO conduct, employees complain about management coaching them and not giving feedback. For employees who were not meeting the department goal, they were told what they were doing wrong, but was not offered help to improve. Employees were also not getting quarterly evaluations. Shaunelle Bynum has made it mandatory for employees to get evaluations from the leadership team quarterly. Doing my internship at Parallon Business Solution is very beneficial to me. It is going great and I am excited to be introduced into the healthcare field. I have gained experience thus far and I am excited to embark on what is to come. I recently had an evaluation with my preceptor and I was told to keep up the good work. I have also made connections with the CEO and with human resource employees so that they can mentor me.

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