Essay on CEO of Chrysler: Sergio Marchionne

Essay on CEO of Chrysler: Sergio Marchionne

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In 2009 when Sergio Marchionne took over one of the Chrysler plants had around 200 workers and by the end of the summer over 4500 people were employed; at that location alone. During his 60 minute interview Mr. Marchionne gives a lot of acknowledgement to his employees crediting them for the successful turnaround in the company. This shows us that he is the type of leader who would motivate through the positive reinforcement theory because his positivity in the comments to his employees shows that he isn’t taking full credit for all the work that was done and the success that has happened. When Mr. Marchionne became CEO of Chrysler he moved his office down where the engineers work on the 4th floor. “No need for a top-floor penthouse, which sits empty where a chairman and three vice chairmen used to be, when a fourth floor office will suffice.” ( This was one of his first step in creating change of direction in a company which was used to being lead by leaders who didn’t fully engage with the employees. Another point to mention, and a result of his close contact with the engineer, is that the engineers were performing for him and were able to get a brand new car model designed and produced in less than a year; which proves his leadership style works. In order for a great leader to get this kind of effective cooperation from his employees shows his skills in leadership. By giving them positive reinforcement and being a motivational leader with high hopes with an optimistic vision for the future he was able to get them to perform and meet his standards and goals in a short allotted amount of time. This constrictive timeframe was strategic in reentering the automotive industry with a new product to boost sales and pro...

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...and his passion for the car industry to merge two car companies together in order for them to benefit from each other at a precise time in the market when he was able to be successful. He understood the problems the company faced, the demand in the market, and he had a clear vision on how to solve it. He gave himself timelines and goals and each were met with great success.
When Mr. Marchionne became CEO of Chrysler he moved his office down where the engineers work on the 4th floor. “No need for a top-floor penthouse, which sits empty where a chairman and three vice chairmen used to be, when a fourth floor office will suffice.” ( This one his first step in creating change of direction in a company which was used to being lead by leaders who didn’t fully engage with the employees. So how does Sergio Marchioone overcome the company’s financial problems?

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