Essay Centuries Apart Yet One in the Same

Essay Centuries Apart Yet One in the Same

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Punk Rock has never been considered one of the most “poetic” musical genres. It is a raw, edgy, yet ultimately simplistic genus of rock. Thematically, it generally deals with adolescent, angst and rebellion. Most punk rockers are generally known more for their stage presence and antics, rather then their lyrical abilities. Yet, with blink-182’s 2003 untitled album, a “crappy-so cal-punk band” was able to rise above the genre and make something truly unique. One of the album’s most notable differences was a departure from the typical punk rock themes. Off the release, one song in particular stood out to me. It is the ninth track on the album, “Asthenia.” The song, written primarily by Tom Delonge, is about an astronaut looking down on earth, contemplating whether or not it is worth going back to or not (Booklet 11).
During the first Great War, Wilfred Owen’s wrote the classic poem “Dulce et Decorum Est” about a solider who witnesses an attack during which the enemy uses mustard gas. Witnessing this attack leads him to realize that war is not the idealized adventure everyone told him about. His poem deals with the fact that World War One isn’t the “Great War” is made out to be by all the elders of the generation.
Delonge’s “Asthenia” and Owen’s “Dulce et Decorum Est” take place in different time periods, have two completely different settings and both—Delonge and Owen—come from two vastly different backgrounds. Yet amazingly, despite the differences, Owen’s poem and Delonge’s song have more in common then one would expect. Owen and Delonge’s works use similar techniques and share a common purpose despite their many differences.
One of the most evident stylistic similarities between the two works is that neither Asthenia nor “...

... middle of paper ...

...lared war causing almost an entire generation of men to be completely wiped out. On the other hand, the narrator in Asthenia starts coming to term with the fact that our current way of life isn’t going to last forever. He sees a need for change yet doubts it will happen.
Both works and poets come from completely different backgrounds. One was a solider the other is a “crappy punk rocker,” yet they have an unlikely connection through their two works. Asthenia exemplifies the fact that, more often the not, music and poetry are not two mutually exclusive entities but rather music is an extension of poetry. Music can be so much more then a “catchy beat” and “something to dance to.” The burden is on the musicians to break free from the shackles of their genre and create something truly inspiring and unique.

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