The Central Theme Of Workaday World Essay

The Central Theme Of Workaday World Essay

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The central theme of “Workaday World” is about having to do things that you do not want to do in order to provide for yourself and your family.
What was the article about?:
Being born into a low income family where all you know is low paying jobs has an influence on a child as they get older. They do not know how to adapt to a different world than what they know.
People work legal nine-to-five jobs but are still getting paid at minimum wage. Living in poverty can make someone do things that they would never do.
Low income families require the government’s assistance to get them by.
The people doing illegal jobs sometimes work for less than the minimum wage and put themselves in danger ever day that they work. Working conditions are bad and can be unbearable.
Unable to get a job that pays a little more than minimum wage and the decrease of jobs that are out there can cause some to go into illegal jobs and to stay in those jobs in order to provide for their families. Even if they do not want to stay in those jobs, they do not know how to escape that lifestyle.
Thoughts and Feelings:

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