Central New Mexico Organizational Scan Essay

Central New Mexico Organizational Scan Essay

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The institution chosen for this organizational scan is my current employer, Central New Mexico Community College (CNM). CNM is a very large 2-year public institution. According to the Carnegie Classification System (2008; 2010), the current student population is 27,999. It is a public urban institution serving multiple campuses. It is exclusively an undergraduate two-year institution, and the undergraduate profile is higher part-time two-year (para. 1).
As the associate director of Financial Aid & Scholarships Services, who reports to the director of Financial Aid & Scholarships Services. The director reports to the associate vice president of Enrollment Services whom reports to the vice president of Student Services. The vice president of Student Services oversees Enrollment Management, Dean of Students, Safety & Security, Multi-Site Management, Disability Resource Center, TRIO Grant, and the Bookstore.
The Student Services department employees over 350 employees, who functions are to assist the student with everything outside of the classroom. This includes the following departments; Academic Advisement, Assessment Services, Call Center, Enrollment Services, Financial Aid, Student Health Office, Id Services, Student Life & Student Discipline, Veteran Support Services and Security (Figure 1.1)
There are two other vice presidents equal to the vice president of Student Services. These are the vice president of Academic Affairs and the vice president of Finance and Operations.
The vice president of Academic Affairs has two executive directors who oversee Distance Learning and Cooperative for Teaching & Learning, Libraries, and Assistance Center for Education, and the five schools. These five schools are Adult & General Educat...

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...cies seem to contradict one another. This is an example of fluid participation.

The first issue from a bureaucratic perspective is communication. As stated by Manning, 2013, "Communication patterns, in keeping with objectives, rational nature of bureaucracies, are formal and prescribed"(pg. 118). It is referred to "following the chain of command" and usually examples are giving from the bottom up.

"Theoretically, bureaucratic decision making proceeds through seven step: (a) identify the problem or opportunity, (b) gather information, (c ) analyze the situation, (d) develop options, (e ) evaluate the alternatives, (f) select an alternative, (g) act on the decision"(Simon, as cited in Manning, 2013, pg. 119).

Works Cited

Manning, K. (2013). Organizational theory in higher education. New York, NY: Routlege.

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