Essay about The Central Ideas Of Math 330

Essay about The Central Ideas Of Math 330

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Part 2 - Essay: Write a 2-3 page essay about the central ideas in Math 330. This essay is an opportunity to demonstrate how well you can articulate the major themes, concepts, and ideas from the course. Your essay should include discussions of the mathematics, the readings, and class discussions.
In Math 330 Algebraic Thinking with Technology this quarter we have covered many things. We have worked in groups and collaborated on the big ideas of each unit. On our own we have presented to the class both answered problems and productive failures. We have enjoyed reading books and articles related to math, teaching, and this course. We have learned through inquiry based learning and were able to use other materials such as manipulatives, videos, and our peers. As individuals and a class we were able to reflect on what is working, why its working, and how to be best prepared to be math teachers.
Throughout the quarter we were assigned multiple groups to sit with and work on math. In these groups we would share ideas, steps, processes, and sometimes struggles. Group work was presented in a way that helped us become problem solvers. The problems we encountered were not abstract and could be applied to real life making the units that much more interesting to learn. In groups we could talk, explain, and reason with one another. By doing this we were all becoming fluent in the math language of the course.
Presentations were another key component to this class. We were asked to sign up and present problems that we had solved successfully and could share with the class. I liked how this was set up. It gave students an opportunity to share what they had discovered, which could be a different way than you had done the problem. By letting ...

... middle of paper ... more than one way, why the problems are important and how we can use similar steps and strategies in our future classroom.
I also liked that we were asked to create our own math problems during this quarter. I had not been asked to do that before and found it to be both challenging and rewarding. I will have to write my own problems for classes in the future and want to make sure I ask appropriate questions that engages students and helped them find success.
Overall, this has been my favorite math class in the math for teachers series. I felt that I truly learned numerous things that will help me both as a math student and as a math teacher. My appreciation for math has grown deeper and I found math more enjoyable during this course. I truly believe that given the correct teacher every student can succeed at math. I hope to show this to all my future students.

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