Essay about The Census of:The Tiny Dancer and the Genuine Earring

Essay about The Census of:The Tiny Dancer and the Genuine Earring

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The census of: the tiny dancer and the Genuine Earring

The accomplishments of this distinguishing woman makes one want to stand-up and applaud with encore! She checks and re-checks that nothing in her life holds her back. In one’s opinion a great candidate for the Nobel Prize! In one’s opinion, one could say, it’s sometimes overcoming life’s burdens that truly exclaim oneself. There was once a life, where all she knew was abandonment, savage abuse and the society around her ignoring her. A life only the punished of horrific crimes like rape and murder should live in. A life in which, the only fatherly figure one sees is a pretentious and pampas weak—hearted man; who feels somewhere in his bottomless pitiful heart that it’s okay to strike a woman who carried his kids for nine—months. (A man who had to be the cockiest guy in high school; who broke girl’s hearts and attacked the inferior stressor with his inferior abilities. In psychological terms, this was a man who had extreme insecurities about himself that the average male in general could notice; similar to the smell of fear to...

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