Censorship Should Be Strictly Enforced By Theatres Essay

Censorship Should Be Strictly Enforced By Theatres Essay

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Censorship is used in movies, television, music, but all to an extent, as it is easy to bypass that, by simply searching for an uncensored version of it. It is a parent’s priority to take control and keep children safe, but no parent can possibly oversee the child’s behaviour on the internet 24/7, and with even history checks and other software, it is difficult to see what your child is viewing, as there is so much data that is being used. Although, theatres are attempting to stop children from viewing these explicit movies by asking for ID before they enter, children are still able to view these movies illegally online, or even at the theatres as most employees forget to stop them. Therefore, laws should be strictly enforced by theatres, and the internet should be censored to restrict people from watching online movies, and censorship should be restricted, but not to an extent. Lack of effective censorship is the significant cause to violent behaviour amongst the innocent civilians.

Lack of effective censorship in movies is the significant cause to violent behaviour amongst the innocent consumers. Movies are not censored enough for young viewers who are innocent and do not understand the content. The Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs found that children who watch R-rated movies are most likely to start drinking at an early age, than those who do not watch such movies (O 'Neal). For instance a kid named Daniel Fox attempted to act out a dangerous stunt performed in the movie Jack-ass, Daniel crashed into a pole and eventually died. “Pornography and violence poison our music and movies and TV and video games” (Bacon Jr). Perry Bacon Jr restates what Mitt Romeny had said in his presidential Campaign, Mitt Romney is pointing o...

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...mes that contain violence, violent video games contributes to the crimes children addicts commit, the Columbine High School student were addicts of the popular violent game, Doom. The last example is, the lack of censorship on the internet ranging from pornography to videos that include violence profanity and abuse, these types of explicit content poisons the minds of children and gives them the sense that it is acceptable. If censorship in media is more effective in the future, parents will be able to teach their kids about the significance of the material once they have all grown up, rather than the media teaching the children. In conclusion, the lack of censorship is the only correlation between violence amongst youth, and if media was more censored, the youth violence rate should drop and children will be more concentrated on what is right for their age gropu.

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