The Censorship Of The Cuban People Essay

The Censorship Of The Cuban People Essay

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The blocking might be considered an offshore -financial- commercial - repressive legal system of the Cuban people drowning in ways that include: the economy, finance, science, medicine, education, communications, media, cultural expressions and artistic, tourism, technology, in general terms, all spheres of Cuban life. As former Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque states, “blocking tears and continues to hit even one day.”
The first block measures enacted by former President Eisenhower were, cutting oil supply, the ban on US companies to refine Soviet oil, reduction of the sugar quota and ban the sale of spare parts for machinery. Simultaneously carried out acts of sabotage and attacks, encouraged and financed by the US government. The blockade was part of the strategy used by the Eisenhower administration to overthrow Fidel Castro in six weeks.
Central to the blockage is, above all, the violation of human rights of the Cuban people, inherent in human nature, as is established in international declarations and protocols such as the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCDH). These rights are systematically violated for 55 years by the government of the United States, becoming a permanent case of genocide. The Genocide Convention states that genocide is a crime under international law is defined by its intention to “destroy in whole or part, a national group...” Among the characteristic genocide states: “killing members of the group [nation], physical or mental injury to the members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part ...”
The blockade, however goes further, since it has become a set of laws and preside...

... middle of paper ...

... of the United States; also it clarifies that the blockade is only part of the aggression against Cuba, because at the same time maintaining and intensifying the blockade, terrorist actions that have affected health, as the epidemic of hemorrhagic dengue 1981 or plague have been made porcine she forced to sacrifice a tremendous amount of pigs or cane rust and blue mold snuff. It is worth mentioning the ongoing attack on Cuban sovereignty mean the radio and TV Marti from Miami to try to poison consciences and thus interfere with the radio and TV programming on the island.
The damage caused by the blockade have been recorded in a billion 543 million 112 thousand dollars (interview with Leandro Morgenfeld) . This figure, however, does not count, as it cannot express any figures, the suffering of the Cuban people, family or personal loss of physical and moral character.

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