The Censorship Of South Korean Censorship Essay examples

The Censorship Of South Korean Censorship Essay examples

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1. Choe, Sang-Hun. “Korea Policing Internet. Twist? it 's South Korea.” New York Times, Late
Edition (East Coast), Aug 13 2012. Web. 28 Oct. 2014 .
This article looks at what the critics of South Korean Internet censorship are facing from the South Korean government. Critics argue that the government’s restrictions on surfing the web are designed to mute the critics. Several government officials have been accused of illegally tracking the online activities of some citizens.
I chose this article for its exploration of how the South Korean government
deals with South Korean cyber critics. It provides analysis on South Korean government and anti-government critics in the context of Internet surveillance and freedoms in the cyberworld. This article was very helpful in terms of presenting an honest view of the South Korean government’s perspective on cyber censorship through their actions towards the critics . I wish the article was more detailed in narrating what exactly happened to the critics, and how the government acted in each case separately.
2. Chung, Jongpil. “Comparing Online Activities in China and South Korea: The Internet and the Political Regime.” Asian Survey 48.5 (2008): 727-51. ProQuest. Web. 28 Oct. 2014 .
This detailed article provides a comparison as well as analysis between China and South Korea’s primary online activities. The author describes the important role of the government in directing the citizens’ use of Internet. He also explores the influence that the Internet has on each society.
I chose this article for its detailed content. It does not only present information, but also goes beyond that to analyze and discuss the information presented. Moreover, it gives us
a detailed overview of the...

... middle of paper ...

...b. 28 Oct. 2014 .
This article presents a report made by the Paris-based rights watchdog
Reporters Without Borders (RSF) regarding South Korea’s listing among the world 's 12 top enemies of the Internet. The report has shown that South Korea ranked the second after North Korea ranking the first. It shows that The South Korean government requires users to verify their legal identity before posting or commenting on some of the websites.
I chose this article for its presentation of the RSF report of the world’s 12 top enemies of the Internet. The article provides a broad overview of the cyber surveillance in South Korea with mentioning a few examples on how the South Korean government represses the freedom of the Internet users. It provides me with examples to read further about and explore. I wish it mentioned more examples about South Korea’s censorship tactics.
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