Censorship, Illiteracy, and the Downfall of American Society Essay

Censorship, Illiteracy, and the Downfall of American Society Essay

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People are constantly on a quest for knowledge. People are discovering and learning new ideas every day. But in this current society, there are interfering obstacles in the way: censorship and illiteracy. Censorship prevents man from gaining knowledge and from seeing the truth. It causes blindness and ignorance. The government uses censorship as an advantage to maintain their hold on society. However, censorship violates the First Amendment and restricts free speech, especially in written word. Illiteracy is the inability to read or write. Illiteracy inhibits man from developing their country because it hinders its people from obtaining knowledge from books. Although the United States clearly defines the First Amendment, its government and media are obviously interfering and distorting the truth to benefit their own agenda.
To truly understand the concept of censorship, it is important to thoroughly comprehend how and why it exists to begin with. First of all, according to “Definitions of Censorship” by PBS, the American Library Association states, “Censorship is the suppression of ideas and information that certain persons—individuals, groups or government officials—find objectionable or dangerous.”(PBS) Corresponding to that quote, when things are censored, a person or groups of people make decisions as to what the public need to be exposed to. Their decisions only represent a small portion of the population. In other words, one controls what the public does and does not know and limits their knowledge.
Throughout history, the populace was limited by their media and government due to their “belief” of what should be or not should be exposed to the public. The government is basically blinding them from seeing the reality of the i...

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