Censorship And The World Wide Web Essay

Censorship And The World Wide Web Essay

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The World Wide Web is censored in order to control the availability to illegal or deceitful information citizens have. Even though Internet and Web are thrown around interchangeably in many situations, there is a difference to distinguish between them. The Internet is a massive network of networks exchanging information together, which links computers together globally. The web is a way of accessing the information available on the Internet through the correct software ("CHM Revolution"). Depending on the country, censorship can be developed into different levels of security. Especially in China, there is a high clearance of censoring that almost questions the privacy that those people have from the government. There are many techniques used to enforce this censorship, including communication blocks, collective editing, and blacklisting. Many people access the web daily, and to protect the people surfing the web there are precautions taken that appear to bridge the gap between security and privacy.
Most of the world has a limited amount of control over the information spread over the web. The OpenNet Initiative coordinates the interactions between three major groups, the Citizen Lab from the University of Toronto, Harvard University’s Berman Centre for internet and society, and the SecDev Group form Ottawa, who examine the filtering of the internet. There are four categories of the information filtered including, political, social, conflict/security, and the Internet tools people use frequently. Content contrasting with the current government or its policies is considered a threat, and would be investigated by OpenNet (Rininsland, Ændrew). Something perceived as immoral or socially unacceptable, like sexuality, gambling, and dru...

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...ed by the Chinese government”(Schmidt, Eric, and Jared Cohen). With these intense controls in China, their people would have no idea half of the social media and political information existed if they didn’t explore other countries. Large developed countries like China have the resources needed to enforce their laws. Smaller areas need the support from developed countries like China and they form alliances to make a sufficient and economically acceptable decision to achieve technical capabilities.
With the importance of censorship comes the idea of privacy. Do we as a citizen of the USA have the privacy to post anything on the web and not be observed? The answer isn’t always a clean-cut reason because of many specific cases. There are more dangers with “Big Brother” looking over our shoulder, that security breaches happen, and expose personal information about others.

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