Essay on The Censoring Of Children 's Literature

Essay on The Censoring Of Children 's Literature

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The Inessential Censoring of Children’s Literature
Every story-every page of a fairy tale or novel begins with a theory to convey or a lesson
to be taught. Each and every one of these stories applies exceptional techniques to reenact an unfortunate life event, or detail a fictitious world sustained by realistically personalized characters and dramatically structured ordeals. Classic favorites such as: Alice in Wonderland, Charlotte’s Web, The Giver, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and Harry Potter, have all aroused the creative instincts and unforeseen imaginations of children everywhere. However, they all have one thing in common; They were either banned or censored at some point in time.
The censorship of children’s literature is a subject constantly challenged and debated throughout the world and various educational systems. It is believed that the censoring of children’s literature alters the initial perspective of a specific subject presented within the book. Furthermore, it hypocrisies it 's initial purpose by generalizing the concept of an unrealistically monitored society, often seen within dystopian themed novels such as The Giver by Lois Lowry. Henceforth, the act is also highly unethical and challenges an author’s freedom of expression as well as a child’s right to press, both protected by the first amendment of the United States Constitution. (US Const., amend. I).
When weighing the advantages and disadvantages of censoring children’s literature a common concept brought to attention revolves around whether or not the action has any negative impact on children. ”. Furthermore, censoring children’s literature may serve the purpose of regulating what a child may be introduced to, but it also diminishes a child’s ment...

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...heir child’s actions and judgements to their standards. This is an example of a previously mentioned concept of the censoring of children’s literature creating the illusion of an unrealistically monitored society.
Taking away children 's’ privilege to read due to a specific book’s controversial content is basically informing them that their right to press is void as compared to their parents values. This is the exact concept that is presented within The Giver, where Lois Lowry uses intricately detailed imagery and mentally perplexing word choice to appeal to a child’s inner diplomat. Within the book, Lowry teaches children the purpose of their rights and how damaging and unjust it would be if their memories, emotions, thoughts, and actions were all monitored and controlled. Furthermore, she boldly expresses the idea that perfection is not always what it seems to be.

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