Celtic Religion, Mythology and Culture Essay

Celtic Religion, Mythology and Culture Essay

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Ten children were playing on a beach on a cold and foggy night. When a lost pony appears, the children were enchanted by the beautiful black hide of the pony with skin so smooth it could be a seals skin. They start to walk toward the pony as its mane goes drip, drip, drip because water is cascading down the pony’s mane. Nine of children get on the pony’s back touching the skin that is so cold it could be death. The tenth child unsure of the pony keeps his distance, till the pony chases after him. As the child was running his fingers get caught in the nostrils of the pony as his hand grazes the pony’s nose. The nine other children are now sitting screaming on the pony’s back as they realize now that they are sitting on the back of a kelpie. The kelpie starts to run toward the water with the 9 screaming children on its back and the tenth child being dragged on the ground so close to his hooves. The tenth child now desperate to be free takes out his knife and saws off his fingers right at the water’s edge and is set free as his friends are dragged under the water as the kelpies skin becomes adhesive. The tenth child goes and cauterizes his wound with wood from a nearby fire as he knows right at that moment the kelpie is devouring his friends, leaving out the heart and the liver. The Celtics have 18,584,000 people living in the nations that are said to have had the Celtic religion once in them and 2,882,100 people speaking the Celtic language in those nations now, because the Celtics have an interesting religion in many ways and because of many ways like for example their history, mythology, and culture are topics that can frighten or delight any group of people that take a chance and learn about them. So after many days that ...

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