Essay on The Celtic Migrations Of Ireland

Essay on The Celtic Migrations Of Ireland

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Ireland has been actively forming over the past two millenniums, starting with the migration of the Celtic.1 The Celtic migrations took place about a century before Christ was born, they ruled the land of Ireland for nearly a thousand years, resisting outside influences. The Celtic people were not the first inhabitants of Ireland, since the Ice Age of 6,000 BC it is suspected that people were actively immigrating to Ireland for its easily farmable lands, but the Celtics easily over took the previous inhabitants of Ireland because they had access to Iron weapons. The way that the Celtics ruled was by splitting the country into five major kingdoms, each kingdom was then compromised of petty kingdoms. In total the Celtic Ireland was made up of about 100-150 petty kingdoms with about 1,000 members in each kingdom. Though there were frequent and short local wars, the country was united through its cultural, social, and legal similarities. 2
Often times the five kingdoms would join together to attack neighboring Great Britain, during one of the attacks 16 men were captured and sold to slavery. One of the men turned to religion and escaped 6 years after being enslaved, he then went on to study theology in the Roman Catholic Church. The man returned in 432 A.D. to Ireland and began his lifelong quest to convert the Irish to Catholism, the man was the now patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. 3
The Norsemen, or Vikings, invaded Ireland for the first time in 795 when they burned the Rathlin Monastery to the ground. For the next 30-40 years the Norsemen would engage in hit-and-run attacks where their boats would land, collecting all things that could be sold in Scandinavia, including people that were sold as slaves. The monasteries had the ...

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...ed members created their own house in Ireland where they would delegate for the Irish people; this inspired the final large civil war between Ireland and Britain. 9
After the war both sides were able to reach a compromise, this gave the Protestants who wanted to remain a part of the United Kingdom and the Irish Catholics who had been fighting for their freedom for hundreds of years the freedom they deserved. The freedom was earned through the strong sense of nationalism of the Irish people that still holds them together today. After the recreation of Ireland as its own nation, the Irish leaders sought to revitalize the Irish language, sports, poetry, and other types of writing to show the base of the Irish nation: The Celtics. This revitalization with the creation of an Independent Ireland has lead to the nation thriving for most of its time as an independent state.

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