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My research topic is the controversy behind stem cellular biology. This topic is a very modern topic and it has garnered quite the negative persona by the masses. This negative connotation behind stem cellular biology is the reason I chose this topic. Rather than just following the herd and claiming stem cell is a dangerous science I would rather attempt to fully understand the science and form my own beliefs on this controversial topic. The research process has proven to be quite the learning experience in choosing reliable sources. The problems I have encountered when gathering my sources tend to be biasses. These biasses seem to always state a one sided view of stem cell and through delving into multitudes of these sources I have developed a keen filter of genuine sources. Along with understanding the topic I also chose this field of research because it is the career path I pursue each and every day. Going into this research process I do have a little background knowledge of the field yet I need to fully understand a topic before drawing a conclusion. The final factor in choosing this topic is the personal experiences I have had, in my life many question myself as to how I can be a pious Christian and want to pursue a “Baby-Killing/Atheist” career path. These very conversations drive my pursuit of knowledge for this field and through each conversation I try to express behind even the most vile of topic’s lies some truth that society blots out of existence through sheer ignorance. As clearly stated my personal experience is the drive behind my research topic and through this paper I can form my own beliefs rather than just conforming to that of others.

This article maps out a very specific use of stem cells in the field of lu...

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...uture projects.

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