Cellphones Should Be Restricted or Abolished Amongst Young People Essay

Cellphones Should Be Restricted or Abolished Amongst Young People Essay

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Texting and cellphone usage has drastically impacted the lives of young people. They have become too dependent on use of cell phone, that some do not realize its consequences until it has negatively affected them. In spite the fact that cellphones have changed the way we communicate, such as parents ensuring the security of their kids; cellphones are tending to be detrimental due to the fact that they are causing more harm to young be people than good due to radio frequency transmitted by the cellphone and the number of car accidents occurring while texting and driving.
When small portable cellphones started to emerge, they opened a new realm of socialization to the younger generation. They became cheaper and families would now own one to keep contact with each other. Young people would now be able to afford a cellphone that could call and text their friends or family anytime and anywhere. Mary Redmayne a researcher at the Victoria University of Wellington concluded that, “Texting dominates young adolescent communication choices, and the use of cellphones, as a way to develop and maintain social interaction, is growing” (Redmayne 1). Cellphones have now become a part of young people’s lives, and getting introduced to them at a young age, has caused them to be dependent much more than expected. A German study found out that in 2002, “ 34.7% of mostly 9-16 year olds owned a cellphone” and in 2007 “ 96.5% of Spanish children aged 13-20 owned their own cellphone”(1). The studies have led to researchers into finding out that the age of a young person increased his or her ownership. Young people are given something to be responsible of and as they age and as they...

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