Cellphone Related Crashes And Deaths Essay

Cellphone Related Crashes And Deaths Essay

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Cellphone Related Crashes and Deaths in Tennessee
Cell phone use has risen increasingly since the advent of mobile phones. People use their phones on a daily basis for business, work, school, and social lives. As time goes on, more and more people use their mobile phones on a daily basis, and this trend does not seem to be changing in the slightest. While cell phones do have their uses, they can be a dangerous tool when used improperly.
As cell phones become increasingly popular, they can also become a liability. When people use their mobile phones while driving, their vehicles can basically become weapons. Texting (and even talking) while driving can distract the driver and have deadly consequences. It is said that texting while driving is even deadlier than drinking and driving, and causes more wrecks.
Texting and Talking While Driving Laws
There are different laws in Tennessee for cell phone use while driving. These are based on whether it is a call, texting, and what your job position is. There are also different penalties for each. I would like to say that personally, I do not believe these penalties are harsh enough, due to the drastic amount of damages (monetary and personal harm), but I will leave it to you to decide.
For general mobile phone use, or talking on the phone, there is “no prohibition except for drivers with a learner’s permit or intermediate license” (Stim, drivinglaws.org). For drivers with a permit or intermediate license, the penalty is a one-hundred dollar fine and an added ninety days before the can get their next license. For drivers with a normal license, the penalties are lesser, with a simple “fifty dollar fine in addition to court costs, not to exceed ten dollars” (Stim, drivinglaws.org).

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...g his school bus. While distracted, his bus crossed the concrete median in the road, and hit another school bus travelling in the opposite direction. The accident killed two students as well as a teachers aide, injured more than a dozen people, and the Davenport died the next morning in the hospital (Grenoble, thehuffingtonpost.com). On another note, this is also the incident which brought into law the strict regulations against bus drivers using mobile devices while driving on the job.

Cell phones have their use in the world. They keep us in contact with friends, family, and work. However, their use should remain out of vehicles. While there are laws prohibiting the use of them, I feel penalties should be much more severe. Nearly every time there is an accident involving a mobile phone, people get hurt and often die, and not only the perpetrator.

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