Cell Phones Negatively Driving Performance Using Simulation Essays

Cell Phones Negatively Driving Performance Using Simulation Essays

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Drivers are growing progressively confident in their ability to multitask while driving, especially when using a cellular device. The experimenters studied the dual-task of cell phone conversation effects on the individual while performing stimulated driving experiences. The researchers directed their main focus towards the conversation on the phone while the subjects were driving. They sought to discover what kind of interference they offered and where the distraction rooted. The results of each individual were recorded and compared to each other in order to discover any type of relationship or pattern. They were able to determine if and how conversation conducted on cellular phones impacted driving performance-using simulation. They also sought to determine whether it was due to peripheral factors or demands on attention were made.
The identification of this study reveals that it is an experiment. The analysis can be labeled as so because the researchers are studying the relationship between two variables by controlling and manipulating the environment in which the study is taking place. Then, the effects on the situation are observed and recorded. The researchers are seeking to find a relationship between two specific variables, cellular phone conversations and driving performance. After each simulation is completed, the results are recorded and analyzed. They are able to manipulate the driving simulation by presenting a green and red light to the driver. When the red light is displayed to the individuals, they are encouraged to stop by braking as quickly as possible. When the green light is presented, they are to continue driving as they were.
There are several variables included in this experimentation. Since there were...

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...ny text, phone call, or email can wait is not worth my life or the innocent lives of others.
As a participant in the first experiment, the simulator was difficult to familiarize myself with. I was pleased for the practice round included before the actual tests had started because I could provide myself with somewhat of acquaintance. Having little experience in video games, my hand and eye coordination is not the best. During the single-task trial, both the easy and difficult courses presented no issues with my results because I regularly listen to the radio while I drive. However, it was very challenging to split my attention between the confederate on the other end of the cell phone and the “road”. I understand how much concentration a cellular telephone takes away from that of the road, which should take precedence. I agree with their findings in both experiments.

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