Cell Phones Are The Curse Of Modern Society Essay

Cell Phones Are The Curse Of Modern Society Essay

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Every person has a cell phone. Elementary school children to senior citizens now own cell phones. Cell phones have connected people from one corner of the world to another, but are cell phones really worth it? Cell phones have plagued society. The world focuses on the positive effects of owning a cell phone, but forgets to mention the negatives. Cell phones have advanced communication in the world. The human race is now able to interact with each other unlike ever before. Countries are able to negotiate peace treaties with the help of telecommunication devices. Businesses are easily able to contact their customers, vendors, and employees. These effects are a result of the creation of the cell phone. However, there are negative effects of this marvelous invention. Cell phones have increased driving accidents and health problems. In addition, cell phones have diminished face to face communication. Also, humans have adopted the need for cell phones in their daily lives. Cell phones are the curse of modern society.

According to the General Cell Phone Statistics, 1.6 million crashes occur annually due to texting and driving. One out of every four teen drivers are disturbed by their cellular devices. As a result, teen drivers allocate the highest percentage in automobile collisions. The bulk of drivers use cell phones while driving. Consequently, drivers become a danger on the road. The handler can get caught up in a conversation on the cell phone which can lead to highly distracted driving and loss of focus. Furthermore, the use of cellphones while driving leads to disobeying street signs, cutting lanes without cautioning, and forgetting to give proper signals. Countless accidents occur every day as a result of reckless drivers...

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... conversate through a small telecommunication device. Parents can be at work and remind their children to study. Friends can chat for hours on the phone and have nothing to say in person at school. It appears that using a cell phone eradicates the pleasure of direct communication. Do people remember the time when individuals would gather in parks and courtyards just to inquire about how life was going?

Mobile phones have become a necessity for everyday life. However, mobile phones can cause many problems. Driving accidents, health problems, and decrease in face to face conversation are just a few effects of cell phones in our society. The advantages or disadvantages of using a mobile phone depends on how an individual uses it. Will a person use a cell phone responsibly and in the right way? Or will a person use a cell phone irresponsibly and in the wrong way?

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