Cell Phones : A Better Understanding Of Cell Phone Use Essay

Cell Phones : A Better Understanding Of Cell Phone Use Essay

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In order to get a better understanding of how cell phones contribute to loneliness, I conducted three formal interviews. The individuals I interviewed are people who I have known for a long time and am personally close to. Each interviewee was asked the same eight questions regarding his/her cell phone use. The first interviewee, Muhammad Nazim, is a 17 year old male who is in his senior year in high school. The second interviewee, Bhavin Darji, is an 18 year old male who is currently attending college. The third interviewee, Pooja Darji, is an 18 year old female who is also attending college. I chose to interview people who are in their teenage years because teenagers nowadays use their cell phones more than adults and elderly people do. They are on their cell phones all day long. Therefore, I decided that they would be the best participants for an interview regarding cell phone use. Although the three interviewees are around the same age, they all have different personalities and experiences. The responses I received were similar in some ways but there were also many differences.
The first interview question I asked each interviewee is: how often do you use your cell phone? All three interviewees stated that he/she uses his/her cell phone on a daily basis. They always have their phones on them and use it many times throughout the day for numerous reasons. This led me to my next question: why do you use your cell phone? What are your motives for using a phone? Muhammad Nazim states, “I use my cell phone to keep in touch with friends and family throughout my day. Since I am not always able to communicate in person, it helps me stay in contact with those I care about. I use my phone to communicate when I have no option of actual...

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... connects me to friends and family who live far away and who I do not see often. When I feel the need to talk to someone, I can just send a quick text or make a phone call.” Muhammad states something similar when he claims, “I do feel cell phones help meet my social needs because I am not always able to maintain my social life in person. There are too many occasions where a cell phone is the best way to stay in contact. A cell phone can instantly connect you with anybody in the world and is definitely there for my social needs.”
The interviews I conducted were beneficial to understanding how cell phones may contribute to loneliness. By interviewing three people with completely different personalities, I was able to receive different responses and viewpoints. The interviews helped me think of my research topic in different aspects which I hadn 't considered before.

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