Essay Cell Phone Use Should Be Banned When Driving

Essay Cell Phone Use Should Be Banned When Driving

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Texting while driving has been largely debated over the years as the number of accidents related to this goes up and down. Now the question in debate is whether or not all cell phone use should be banned when driving. Most states have laws banning texting while driving, but it’s not taken seriously by police or drivers. Exactly how safe is that? In the article, “Ohio: Cell Phone Laws, Legislation” it states, “The Ohio distracted driving laws have two levels of enforcement: There is only secondary enforcement for adult drivers who text message” (“Ohio: Cell Phone Laws, Legislation”). With this being a secondary law, the only way an officer could pull them over would be if they were weaving in and out of lanes or doing something else illegal while texting and driving. Again, how safe is that? No matter how experienced the driver is or how safe they are being, everyone is susceptible to distracted driving. Why take away phone privileges of novice drivers, when everyone can be a victim? All cell phone use should be banned and changed to primary enforcement; not only are all drivers are at a higher risk while using a cell phone, but adults drivers are potentially at a higher risk, and adult drivers are the one’s introducing novice drivers to such behavior.
This first reason why there should be a ban on all cell phone use is that anyone who uses a phone while driving greatly increases their chance of crashing. Despite all the other distractions such as noisy kids and friends, none of them are a major threat. The truth is that when talking on the phone, holding it or using a hands-free device, drivers are not able to stay focused on the road. In his article, David Hosansky discusses the issue of distracted driving and states, “Drivers u...

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...responding to that message or returning that call in that present moment instead of later when they are safely off the road. Some people are texting and talking simply to stay awake, others are doing it just because they can, and some people actually follow the law. The law was made for a reason, so is the risk really worth it?
Not being able to text while driving is already a law proven to work, so why not ban phones altogether? Using a phone while driving does not prevent an accident from happening, and more importantly, it is the second largest distraction when driving. Teens should not be the only ones being forced to follow this law. While their number of accidents may be higher, they learn those bad habits from more experienced drivers. The only way to prevent the accidents and deaths is to stop the usage of the phone until drivers arrive at their destination.

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