Cell Phone Use And Its Effect On Society Essay

Cell Phone Use And Its Effect On Society Essay

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In this day and age, cellphones are for more than just calling. People use them to surf the web or play games or to interact with others on social media. But there are growing concerns that maybe too much time is spent on a phone or in front of a screen. For many people, as soon as they feel their phone vibrate in their pocket or hear their notification ringtone, they, without a second thought, reach for their phone and check out what the notification is for. Many people say that phones provide a way to stay connected, while others say that phones provide us with a constant stream of information. Among other things, cell phones provide people with a connection to the dimensions of life that they love the most. However, cell phone use has become excessive in our culture and ruining people’s lives.
Once the first iPhone was introduced in 2005, the repercussions on how it would shape the next ten years of social interaction were never presidented. The Apple product introduced the concept that phones could be used for more than just simple communication on an easy to use platform. When the original iPhone was released, it brought designs like a phone with a focus on a large touch screen and minimal keys, which influenced the majority of the phones we see out today. It introduced an easy to maneuver App Store, which in turn gives 70% of profits to the the program developers. The first iPhone also came with higher quality video, and sensors to indicate whether the phone is upright or vertical, giving the optimum video viewing experience (Frommer). The first generation iPhone went on to go obsolete as newer and more advanced versions were exhibited in the market to compete with other companies who designed their own revolutionary smar...

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...lects the current generation in many ways, with its globalized market, and giving an opportunity for everyone on an easy to reach platform, making room for ideas to blossom and grow from wherever they come from. The interconnected capabilities of the modern cell phone does, however, have some negative side effects to society to those who are to connect to the phones themselves. Though these problems will persist, society will overcome these dilemmas. The innovators of tomorrow are solving the problems of today and the foreseeable potential problems that new technologies might bring. Though, as much as they try, the process is still a matter of trial and error, seeing how the world reacts to the next big thing. Whether it be a self driving car or artificial intelligence, advancements in technologies, like cell phones, will continue to raise issues one way or another.

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