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The technology has taken over since being invented. Cell phones since the beginning have spread like wildfire taking over the lives of students. Students use their cell phones all the time. “With cell phones tucked in the book bags and pockets of three-fourths of today’s teens, many high schools are ceding defeat in the battle to keep hand-held technology out of class and instead are inviting students to use their phones for learning” (Malone 1).The capabilities of a cell phone today have surpassed the pre- conceptions that many had when it was invented. Cell phones are now able to communicate with anyone in the world in mere seconds. Cell phones today are able to surf the wide web faster than some computers. The applications that smart phones can be equipped with can be extremely helpful. These are just some of the many reasons there are that support why writing teachers should allow their students to use their cell phones, but with some limitations.
Students have been besieged by technology. There was a study done in 2012 of “211 undergraduate students… Of the students surveyed, 210 have laptops and of those, 84 do not use them in class. One student does not have a laptop. Only 8.5% of the students have iPads and of those who do, over half do not use them in class” (La Roche 48). This shows that technology is very abundant in student’s lives. The same goes for most students in the circumstance that most have cell phones, and for those that don’t the most likely have some other type of technology.
Students should be allowed to use their cell phones in class because cell phones can be very helpful on class work, such as essays, journals, and projects. “A survey of 2,462 Advanced Placement (AP) and National Writing Project (NWP)...

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