Cell Phone Has Become An Essential Part Of Our Daily Lives Essay

Cell Phone Has Become An Essential Part Of Our Daily Lives Essay

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With the blooming development of science and technology advancement, cell phone has become an essential part of our daily lives. And of course, they have made their way into the classroom. Cell phones have become one of the most common accessories among middle school and high school students. Starting from middle school, students are most likely to have already own a cell phone. Have you ever heard of the The Columbine High School massacre that took place on April 20th, 1999? An incident involved two students who both went on a shooting rampage together, killing 12 students, a teacher and wounding 21 others in just less than 20 minutes. During this incident, the school’s most easily accessible phone was in the library, which was completely on the other side of the school. Some of these lives could have been saved if the students had their cell phones with them where they could have called the police quicker. This leads us to the question- Whether or not should cell phones be banned in the classroom?
One of the points of view on this question comes from the article called “More schools use cell phones as learning tools” by Josh Higgins. Higgins is more supportive towards the idea of cell phones usage in school, he thinks different innovative features that come along cell phones nowadays such as access to the Internet, being able to download a wide selection of applications, calls and messages, are relevant to education and they could help students and teachers communicate easier and more effective as well as saving time. “72% of Advanced Placement and National Writing Project teachers” let their students use their own cell phones to complete assignments quicker. He embraces the academically beneficial aspects of cell phones in edu...

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... students will get distracted if cell phones are allowed in school, then I would say that they could enforce a rule where cell phones need to be turned off and put out of sight during school/class hours. If a student is caught using their phone for different purposes other than school work, the teacher should take their phone up for the rest of the day, or even a few days. It is an effective way to keep the order.
Higgins and Earl proposed different approaches about the problems as well as the solutions to cell phone use in class. Each has their own perspective that supports their reasoning, however, I think that technology is so powerful, so modern, that it could possibly revolutionize and improve the learning environment. Therefore, we should appreciate and try to utilize them in a educationally meaningful way and to their fullest potential instead of banning them.

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