Cell Phone Consumption Has A Positive Effect On Young Adolescents Essay

Cell Phone Consumption Has A Positive Effect On Young Adolescents Essay

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Cell phone consumption has had a positive effect on young Canadian adolescent in last 25 years. The most important accessory to young adolescents is a cell phone. It is a device that increases productivity 's and allows for greater more efficient ways of multi-managing other stresses. A technology so strong, that it has decreased and a bridged connection among individuals living far away from each other. A strong means of communication, which can save lives and help in bettering an individual health (Krishna et al, 78). The cell phone has, even lead to an increase in sales of mobile related plans Riley, 65). "This means that a one unit increase in the mobile subscription rate during a given year would increase real per capita GDP by 222.19 US$ the following year" (Lums,12). The youth predominately contributes highly in developing the economy. They are more frequent users of the cell phone and invest more time in it than adults do (Lums, 17). Cell phones are also in direct correlation with a positive social relationship, political involvement and increased economic benefit. It has increased communication, among young adolescents and more comfort to parents. Among young adolescents, it has shown that increasing the usage of cell phone will lead to more political involvement among the youth (Riley, 1). The expansion of countries to mass produce such a device has led to economic benefit. An evolutionary device that has become a bigger global phenomenon than its predecessor telephone was. The mass media and other broadcasting networks aren 't able to capture societal core values in great detail or the social and economics based aspects (Lums, 5). The mass media may not be able to accurately portr...

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... self-attachment to emotions, rather than cellular devices. This is often mistaken as an addiction, stating youth is addicted to cell phone (Lums, 11). The failure to relate to emotion and reminisce over momentous pictures is often overlooked and undermined. They also serve, as a reminder that technological development among the youth is directly correlated with the amount of information accessible. The main proof of this is that in poorer countries, there 's less access to cell phone among the youth, hence lowered literacy rate. In richer countries, there 's more access to information and more literacy rate along with increased usage of cell phone among the youth (Lums, 11). The huge consumption of technology has benefited youth in a positive way. It has become a gateway for future progression, and further expansion of technological advancement for the adolescent 's.

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