Cell Phone Banned at Schools Essay

Cell Phone Banned at Schools Essay

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Many places, including schools, have taken measures to put in place new rules to ban many new technological advances. In my school the principal and school board has recently put in place a cell phone ban, which will make it illegal to use your cell phone during school hours. This new ban is already taking effect in my school, Secret Scare High School, and is quickly spreading across the nation and is well supported. Cell phones are a nascence when in school and it is a good idea to have them banned during school hours with the use of cell phones in school you haves disruptions in the classroom, temptations to cheat or blackmail someone, a decline in grades, and trouble with the principle and the police. Also cell phones can be costly and they may not get service in school so there is not really a point to use them in school.

Obviously children are in school to learn. With cell phones there can be disruptions in the classroom such as the ringer going off. Even the vibrate can make enough noise for someone else to hear. Nevertheless even if it does not go off it is still a distraction because students are more interested in getting their text instead of focusing on the test or worksheet they are doing. Nobody denies that a cell phones is bad thing to have but in school they are just a nascence.

Meanwhile the text a certain student may be waiting for may be the answer to a test or a picture of someone. Students frequently snap pictures of themselves or others. This could be a problem because what if a student is mad at a teacher or another peer they could just snap a picture of them and make it seem as if they were doing wrong. Cell phones are also used as a status symbol. It is like a competition everyday to see ...

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...s have very thick brick walls, which block out cell phone signal very well. When you are in school most people will not get signal. Which would just kill the battery and you will have to use more energy to charge it back up. In some cases it could fry the battery all together and you would need to but a new battery for 50 dollars or more. Mostly there is no use for cell phones in school. Unless you are going to be after school then you don’t need them and even then the school has a school phone that they would be more then happy to let you use if you need to call your parents.

In many cases there is no use for cell phones in school and in my opinion the ban is a good thing and should be embraced more. School have many ways for you to contact all the people you need and it limits the temptation for you to use it against others and get yourself into trouble.

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