Essay The Cell Phone, An Easy Source Of Communication

Essay The Cell Phone, An Easy Source Of Communication

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The world has changed a lot ever since its creation. We have seen many revolutionary events during this time that have changed the way we live. One of these recent inventions would be the cell phone. The cell phone was developed by Martin Cooper in 1973. After the invention of the cell phone, more and more technologically advanced versions of the cell phones started coming out. One of these technological advancements in the cell phone was what we now call ‘text messaging.’ Text messaging is a form of communication that sends text messages electronically to a person’s mobile phone. People find it as an easy source of communication and hence why prefer it over calling someone. Teenagers and students in general, have adopted this way of communication more than any age group. In fact, in a poll conducted by the Nielsen Company, it shows that an average teen sends about 3,339 texts per month.
Texting has led to a massive change in not only communication, but in the English language as well. The current generation of young adults and teens are adopting a different slang of writing in English through texting. For Example to make texts shorter and send them quicker, people now write ‘you’ as ‘u’ and ‘laughing out loud’ as ‘lol.’ This type of writing style is harming students’ ability to write and
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more importantly spell. There are many reported cases that have had students using different texting slangs to write on formal essays such as the SAT writing portion. According to College Board, the average score on the SAT has dropped 9 points since the writing portion was added to the test back in 2006 (
This is of major concern because teachers now have to make students get used to not using these d...

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...o it isn’t just the fact that the students are doing it, but that the teachers allow it. They choose to ignore the fact that abbreviating on formal papers ruins the formality of the paper. Why do we use abbreviated text? It’s easy, convenient, and quick that is why we use abbreviations and slang. Studies show that only twenty-five percent of high school seniors are even considered “proficient” in formal writing. There is no punctuation, no capitalization, and no rhythm to texting; so it leaks into writing assignments and makes the persons’ writing seem as if their writing skills have decayed.
What happens when shortcuts, abbreviations, and slang become the way everyone writes their “formal” papers? When people grow up learning to write this way, it’s all they will know how to do when it comes to writing. That will ultimately lead to the extinction of formal writing.

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