Cell Phone Addiction And Its Effects Essay

Cell Phone Addiction And Its Effects Essay

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In today’s society, everybody who’s anybody carries a cell phone around wherever they go. Some people are so attached to their phones, they not only need it for calls and messaging, they need it for social media, information, and even company. These feelings that we need to have our phones in our possession at all times is causing problems for up and coming generations. One of the problems that we face as a population today is cell phone addiction. Cell phone addiction needs to be fixed, to create a healthier, livelier society in the future.
First of all, a person must be able to tell if they are addicted to their cell phone or not. This problem is most often caused by the anxiety that builds when someone is not in possession of their cellular device. If the first thing that person does when they wake up is grab their phone from the nightstand because they’re worried about the messages they missed, it is likely they are addicted. Looking at a cell phone in constant periods of time is another sign of addiction and checking so frequently can actually cause depression.

Depression is not the only consequence that can come out of cell phone addiction; some other examples are stress, anxiety, delinquency, and isolation. Stress is not only a product of the mind, but it the body, and more specifically for cell phone addicts, the fingers. According to Addictiontips.net; “A research conducted in the University of Zurich found that the participants that constantly use their smartphones have a high level of brain activity every time they touch their fingers on their phone’s screen. This increased electrical activity in the brain results in severe stress on the fingers and the mind.” (John, 1) Unaware that the stress is caused by their ph...

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...imit them. Even if that is the case, these steps can still be taken, just using the phone on sound mode so that the addict can hear when an important call or text comes in. Others might also add that they use the alarm on their phone so they will need it next to them when they sleep. This is also not necessarily true because there are alarm clocks that will not only have alarms on them, but have a more flexible volume control than a cell phone. Another

sizable argument would be that cell phone addiction is not real, and it is just the new age way of communication. This is also a false assumption because phones have been around for decades, and face to face communication has never, and will never die out. It is essential to human health to have personal interactions with other humans, and cell phones cripple the ability to experience and connect with other people.

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