The Cell Cycle Is Vital For The Reproduction Of Many Cells Essay

The Cell Cycle Is Vital For The Reproduction Of Many Cells Essay

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The cell cycle is vital for the reproduction of many cells, which is sequence of occurrences that form to cell division. It is necessary to understand this process in order to prove the proposals that German biologist, Rudolf Virchow, presented in 1858. Virchow stated, “Every cell originates from another cell,” this means that the cells that are living at this moment must have came from other cells and came out spontaneously.
The cell cycle can be broken down into five phases, G0, G1, S, G2, and M phases. The G0 is the phase that a cell has deferred the choice to divide. This is basically a substitute to the G1 phase, so in a sense the G0 phase is the non-dividing part of the cell’s life. The G1 phase of the cell cycle is when the cell has become dedicated to dividing, and this is when cell usually grows. The S phase is when the cell’s chromosomes are copied to form pairs of sister chromatids. After this phase is done, the cell will have the double amount of chromatids as the original number of chromosomes in the G1 phase. After the S phase, the cell is ready to enter the G2 phase during which the cell begins to create proteins required for the assortment of chromosomes and cell division. The last phase in the cell cycle is the M phase that can be split in to two parts, mitosis and cytokinesis.
Mitosis is a process that some cells go to reproduce and create two new daughter cells from one-parent cells, meaning that the cell has gone through asexual reproduction. This process has six phases, which are interphase, prophase,, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase & cytokinesis. During interphase, the cell has begun to replicate the chromosomes in the cell nucleus and is not condensed. Mitosis begins with...

... middle of paper ... that one cell will become two daughter cells. It begins with interphase when the parent cells chromosomes duplicate and then followed by prophase, when the nuclear envelope disappears and the spindles form, and the chromosomes condense.. The next step is metaphase when the chromatids are in the middle and the spindles begin to pull on polar ends of the cell. Telophase is when the nuclear membrane begins to reappear. The rarest phase in this section was telophase.

ACTIVITY IC – Preparation of Onion Root Tip Slides

Phase Cell Count % of total Order (most to least)
Interphase 72 36 1
Prophase 40 20 3
Metaphase 65 22.5 2
Anaphase 24 12 4
Telophase 19 9.5 5

Biology 001, Laboratory Exercise 2 : Cell Cycle and Mitosis & Meiosis Setup

Brooker, Robert J., Eric P. Widmaier, Linda E. Graham, and Peter D. Stiling.Principles of Biology. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print.

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