Celia, A Slave By Melton Mclaurin Essay

Celia, A Slave By Melton Mclaurin Essay

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Celia’s remarkable and fascinating account illustrates the complex issues that lie in the American foundation of a slaveholding society in Callaway County, Missouri. The slavery system grew into a nightmare of cruelty and abuse during this dark period. In the book Celia, A Slave by Melton McLaurin, the historian succeeds to convey the story of a slave girl by the name of Celia who suffers repeatedly sexual exploitation by her master and ultimately hanged for his murder. This event took place during a dark period of the antebellum America. Celia’s trial opened a new chapter in the world of slavery; socially, politically, and sexually, pushing beyond the limits in a system that didn’t see slaves as humans but viewed as property. McLaurin uses Celia’s story to reveal how the legal system is used to justify things in favor of the whites. The tragic story of Celia, A Slave emphasize the social, political, and sexual ramifications of slavery during this dark period in American history through the social issue rape, the trial, and sexual assault.

The author McLaurin strongly emphasize the social issue of rape in the book. This social issue is a condition that concerned most slave females in society, but there was no law to protect them from such violation. Since there was no law that made slave rape a crime, it was impossible for whites to press charges. He describes how female slaves were sexually assaulted by their owners on a daily basis and at the same time brutally punished. When Celia is first brought, she is raped on the way home and it’s clear that she is to replace Newsom’s wife. Celia suffered this hate crime, rape, repeatedly against her will by her master, giving life to two children. The defence attorney claimed News...

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...book this issue reoccurs.
Melton McLaurin went through the entire trial process describing the social, political, and sexual impact. He interpreted the evidence revealing things that aren’t usually revealed about slavery. The author reveals the race relations during this dark period. He emphasized the social, political, and sexual issues faced during slavery. Celia’s case made aware of the issue about the role of law in a slave society,"Thus on the eve of Celia’s trial, the reverberations of an increasingly violent struggle over slavery in Kansas had disrupted the public tranquility in Missouri and threatened with discord, the state’s basic political, legal, and social institutions". This book reveals the true about slavery, and how everything is justified by the law in favor of the white. The author exposes the justice that slaves should have but never received.

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