Celebrity Gossip Is Not Bad Essay

Celebrity Gossip Is Not Bad Essay

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Olimpio, Elena
SOC 150
Professor Dr. McDonald
September 19, 2014
Assignment #1
In today’s society, human beings feel the need to read about other people’s lives in order to be entertained. Rather than taking interest in other activities like reading or the arts, people take interest in celebrity gossip. Society takes an interest in celebrity gossip because it is entertainment for them or it makes them feel better about themselves. Either way, people are reading more on celebrity gossip rather than picking up a good book and reading that instead. Celebrity gossip is not bad since, in a way, it is a form of news, but with gossip websites such as TMZ.com and Perezhilton.com, these websites have no boundaries as to what they put on their pages. Some stories may be interesting while others are just plain rude, but people will still go back and read what these websites post.
To me, the functions of celebrity gossip blogs are to inform others of any news that the reader may take interest in. It is up to the reader on what news they want to read about their favorite celebrity, good or bad. Celebrity gossip helps society maintain stability because people do not want to read about the wars that are going on or global warming. Instead, they would rather read about something shocking and entertaining like from a recent article by TMZ.com about “Beyoncé Accused of Photoshopping.” People would take interest in this rather than an article about a war because Beyoncé Knowles is a very popular female figure that women look up to, and finding out that she allegedly photoshopped a picture of herself is a big deal to people. Rather than wanting to focus on sad events that are occurring in the news, people would rather read this article because it ...

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...tive things about other women make them feel better about themselves.
As a whole, I think that celebrity gossip blogs are meant to give out news quicker rather than waiting to read it from a gossip magazine. To individuals in society, celebrity gossip blogs are forms of entertainment to those who read it, but to celebrities they feel bad the way society sees them when they read negative articles about themselves. Celebrities probably feel that no matter what they do to please society, people will always have something negative to write about them just to bring their confidence down. And who knows if celebrities even read these gossip blogs, they might not even care at all, but there is still a small part of them to thinks why does society put them down. Celebrity gossip blogs do have different meanings for individuals and groups of individuals like I stated above.

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