Celebrity Culture : A Ideal Role Model For Women And Femininity Essay

Celebrity Culture : A Ideal Role Model For Women And Femininity Essay

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Celebrity culture is a concept that is hard to pinpoint. This is due to the broad spectrum the definition of the word “celebrity” itself tends to take. Nonetheless, celebrity culture has a strong role that is embedded into our everyday lives. This is particularly evident when it comes to how society approaches topics such as gender and sexuality. Beyonce is strongly celebrated in the media by being constantly portrayed as the ideal role model for women and femininity. It would not be an exaggeration to say that she is deemed by some of her fans as the “ideal woman”. Especially for a woman of “colour”. On the other hand, other celebrities of colour, such as Rihanna, are frowned up due to their behaviour that is displayed by the media. Rihanna is deemed as in ill role model for young women, and to be lacking of femininity by society. However, she is still celebrated to an extent, although not as high as Beyonce’s. This distinction was evident in Diane Negra’s article, where she describe the comparison as, “Remote-cinema goddesses on the one hand...and overexposed tabloid “trash” on the other”. Stay-at-home mum who has it all, looks, fame and success, is a representation that Beyonce was able to portray. Meanwhile Rihanna, who is represented by the media as “messy, slutty and tacky” and as a woman who has no shame in moving from partner to partner with no children nor any planning for a family of any sort to in sight. To put it simply, Rihanna is deemed as trash by the public due to the filter the media places upon her.

Negra also discusses the notion that there are cultural expectations for the type of behaviour displayed by women in comparison to that of displayed by men (2008). Turner and Braeme articulate the idea that such pr...

... middle of paper ...

...llenges the notion of femininity. Secondly, “trainwreck female celebrities”, although hated on, are addictive in an entertainment sense to follow and watch. Thirdly, the death of the correlation between fame and what is deemed to be talent. Fourthly, the challenges that occur as a result in between the death of the earlier mentioned correlation and the values and morals society holds today.

In conclusion, with the inclusion of male celebrities, it is fair to state that female celebrities are treated unfairly overall as a gender. However, it is also fair to state that there levels of unfair treatment, that some unfortunate female celebrities receive much worse treatment in how they are represented. Perhaps it is time for the media to give all women equal amounts of respect when it comes to representing them, regardless of whether they mirror society’s narrow values.

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