Essay on Celebrity Conspiracy

Essay on Celebrity Conspiracy

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People do a lot of ridiculous things in life. Celebrities are usually the worst offenders, and they often soapbox about what they do, much to my consternation. However, as much as celebrities' ridiculous dietary and spiritual proclamations irritate me, I'm usually not personally concerned. If they want to do master cleanses, or sleep with crystals in their rectums, or god knows what else, that's fine. They're private folks at the end of the day, living their lives. I mean, I watch shitty movies for fun, and enjoy fruit-flavored milk tea. Not everyone likes those things. We're all iconoclasts on some level. That what makes us wonderful snowflakes, I guess. Let's buy the world a Coke, and sing in perfect harmony!

I don't trust those guys around her...
But, some proclamations reach beyond one's own personal space, and have an impact on society at large. And sadly, these impacts are not all positive. Time just published an article discussing Jenny McCarthy's crusade against the dangers of vaccination, and there's a strong insinuation that her son, whom she declared autistic then later claimed helped him "recover" from it, may have actually suffered from Landau-Kleffner syndrome, or was just a very late bloomer.

I know I may be dipping my toe into some controversial and bitter waters here. I just want to preface this with a blanket statement: I am not coming down on autistic people themselves, at all. It's a serious situation, and I know any family living with someone with autism has their hands full, to grossly understate the issue. However, when a conspiracy-fueled panic based upon shaky science leaves kids more exposed to diseases that previously were considered defunct, I don't care if we're just talking about garden varie...

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...e beginning of January through the end of July 2008, more measles cases were reported in the United States than during the first 7 months of any year since 1996....

You know, maybe I can do this, too. Guess what? Raisins cause arthritis! Stop eating them! Raisin Bran is poison! (Well, it is anyway, but I'm proposing a new reason.) Who are you to debate me? I knew a guy whose grandmother ate a bunch of raisins, and now she has arthritis! Prove me wrong, liberals.

Look, we all get desperate. I'm worried about employment, and sometimes wonder if I should just take that Amway job. And some parents are dealing with their children's illnesses or disorders, and that can be a lonely, confusing road. But you have to be careful. Often, the reason no one has an answer is because there is no answer yet, and when someone claims they have one, make damn sure it passes muster.

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