Celebrity Athletes As Marketers For Online Social Networks Essay

Celebrity Athletes As Marketers For Online Social Networks Essay

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Hambrick, M.E. & Mahoney, T.Q. 2011, ‘‘It’s incredible – trust me’: exploring the role of celebrity athletes as marketers in online social networks’, International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, vol. 10, no. 3/4, pp. 161-179.

In this article Hambrick & Mahoney (2011) conduct a study focusing on two celebrity athletes Lance Armstrong and Serena Williams to investigate their promotional activities on Twitter. The authors utilise the technique of “content analysis” (Hambrick & Mahoney 2011, p. 166) to conduct this research with a focus on two main questions being “How do celebrity athletes use twitter in general?” and “How to celebrity athletes use Twitter for promotional purposes?” (Hambrick & Mahoney 2011, p. 166). Additionally they use a set of six subcategories to separate the promotional tweets into. Results demonstrated that only 12% of both Armstrong’s and Williams’s tweets were of a promotional nature with both athletes predominately promoting their corporate sponsors. The article concludes by discussing the benefits of using celebrity athletes for promotional purposes due to their trustworthy nature and positive associations, in conjunction with the benefits for organisations when using celebrity endorsement.

Therefore this study strongly engages with the subject of digital socialites through the online interaction elite athletes have with their follower. Twitter provides these celebrities with a more personal interaction with their fans thus developing a sense of community. Additionally this is useful for sports markets and sport related companies as it provides a critical breakdown of the subcategories of the promotional tweets demonstrating that sport stars promote a range of products, companies, charities ...

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...e health and medical community prominately taking place on healthcare sites. The interactions occurring through commenting, question and providing of personal experiences has therefore established a feeling of community positively impacting upon ones metal wellbeing.
This article does provide new information to this field of study as it specifically looks at the healthcare community and the interactions that take place on healthcare specific websites as opposed to the conventional use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However no quantitative data is evident in regards to the monetary benefits obtained by companies through exploitation of peoples personal experiences used for marketing, therefore not providing a decisive indicator to the extent of which this issue occurs. Thus leading to uncertainty to the extent of this procedure.

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