Celebrities' Rights to Privacy

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In previous years, the issue with the paparazzi and media has grown. With the advances in technology, it makes taking and posting photos of celebrities or public figures much easier. The public appears greedy and feels privy to their private lives. Celebrities, or any public figure, have very limited privacy due to the paparazzi and media. The paparazzi and media are also affecting celebrities’ children. Currently, laws are being put in effect to stop this. The term paparazzi is defined as a freelance photographer, usually one who takes candid pictures of celebrities for publication. The term originated from the surname of the 1959 Federico film, La Dolce Vita. Now, the connotation that arises from the word “paparazzi” is much stronger than just a freelance photographer. The paparazzi are annoying, persistent photographers who, in essence, stalk their celebrity victims and go to any length necessary to get the photograph they desire. But, the paparazzi are doing their job to please the public. Paparazzi tend to target celebrities that fascinate the public; the public’s obsession encourages the paparazzi in their pursuit. The public never calls out the paparazzi for invading the celebrities’ privacy; they only call them out when harm or threats come to the celebrity (Nordhaus 286). When living their day-to-day lives in the public eye, many celebrities must deal with gossip columnists, the infatuation of stalkers, and the unrelenting paparazzi. They follow celebrities into restaurants, their children’s schools, on vacations, and even their residential neighborhoods (Jones). By seeking out and publishing the whereabouts of celebrities, they cannot be sure who will find or come across that information. The paparazzi ... ... middle of paper ... ...2014/02/10/michael-sam-star- missouri-defensive-end-comes-out-as-gay/>. Nordhaus, Jamie. “Celebrities Rights to Privacy.” University of Pennsylvania. 1998. University of Pennsylvania. 10 March 2014. %20nordhaus.pdf>. Pulver, Andrews. “Anti-Paparazzi Bill Backed by Halle Berry Now California Law.” The Guardian. 26 September 2013. Guardian News. 13 March 2014 . Saad, Nardine. “Model Cara Delevigne Blasts Paparazzi for Tailing her into Church.” Los Angeles Times. 9 December 2013. Los Angeles Times. 14 March 2014 paparazzi-20131219>. Tauber, Michelle. “Paula Deen ‘I’m Fighting to get my Name Back.” People. 10 March 2014:64- 66
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