Celebrations Throughout the Year Essay

Celebrations Throughout the Year Essay

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Each year at Christmas, my employer goes to great lengths to gather everyone together for a formal sit down dinner and party to celebrate the values and victories of our organization (Johnson, 2014, slide 6) throughout the year. This tradition started back in 1960 when my employer, North Huntingdon EMS/Rescue was first founded. Our founding members set of core values were simple, service above self and humility at all times. With the passing of time, these traditions and values have been managed to be passed on to generation after generation of both career and volunteer employees.
While we continue to celebrate those core values and the many positive changes that have occurred in our profession, we also take the time to acknowledge the difficulties and failures so we can learn and change. This gathering truly is not just a party, but a period of reflection; although this celebration focuses on the overall accomplishments of the company, personal accomplishments are not overlooked and are acknowledged just the same. Ask anyone in my profession and they will tell you flat out they are overworked and underpaid, our jobs are difficult, but most are not in it for the money, they see it as a true calling. My employer realizes this difficulty, and in effort to stay on target and accomplish organizational goals (Johnson, 2014, slide 5) personal acknowledgement of others is also priority.
What is unique about our celebration is that it is done in the spirit of community (Johnson, 2014, slide 6) and is open to everyone. Our celebration is also attended by other professionals in public safety and elected officials, this serves as our way of exposing them to our difficulties, and present as an organization that is credible...

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